onsdag den 10. september 2008

HSKS6 - Returning student

Huzzah Hufflepuff...
The Raveolympics is ower, I won a prize for the Aragog. Ive got the pattern for a pair of wery lovely pride socks by Ann Kingston.

Now Im wating for the term to start at Hogwarts, I have a lot of knitting going on, as Im in the Harry Potter knit and crochet house cup too.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so glad you're back in Hufflepuff!

    Is Aragog coming to school with you?

  2. Ohh yes, but he needs to stay in the boys dorm... ¨;)

  3. Yay. Nice to have you back this term! Love the picture too :) I'm sure Hagrid will have tons of advice on the care of Aragog the Second hehe

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