lørdag den 28. februar 2009


I was tagged by Lizzy with this

...1. Go to your pictures on your computer

2. Open the 6th folder

3. Choose the 6th picture

4. Show the picture on your blog and write something about it.

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The picture is from a trip I made some years ago when I was studdieng to be a teacher. I was with my craft class
We wnt to Istanbul, our focus was abut weave - This is Odins bird that im doing .
Im tagging
3 dear frinds of mine Heidi , jane and Lone, Eva who Heidi and I are going to a knittingfestival with, Kim, sïan and Gaz from Ravelry

Hsks7 - The Hogsmead visit

At Saturday the 21st the whole of Hogwarts went to visit Hogsmead.

I got myself some protective yarnnifflers to watch all my yarn - these are pretective for all kinds of yarn bugs...

Just remember for feed them with cutoff yarn and they will never eat any of my stash.

I hope!

søndag den 8. februar 2009

hsks7 ~ Hufflepuff homework

Who tougth me to knit and when?
My cousin Maya and I went to se our grandperants each summer trough all our childhood. Our Grandmother were a great knitter, always knitting. I think Maya and I were abut 5 years old, when Søren and elder cousin were wissiting us at our grandmothers house, he too were knitting... Now we wanted to knit too.

So Me at one side of Søren and Maya at the other, needles and yarn were handed out, and hi tougth us...

We knitted a lot of squars that summer all of them were turned in to barbie sweaters.

Maya and I are still knitting, im not sure of Søren, have to ask him...