tirsdag den 27. maj 2008

Hsks5 Quidditch and Sock duel

I got ewerything ready for quidditch, ohh how I hope that we Hufflepuffs will catch the snitch.

Later im on to be studdying for this secon of quidditch, Ofcorsse I have read the book, but in danish, I've got the movie... Evan better the book in english is comming by owl wery soon... CAN'T WAIT.

What is one dooing while waiting... Knitting on the bag... It's soon ready for felting...

Then there is the sock duel, the pattern is realised thuesday. Hope that it wount be to hard. The sock is of by owt to Canada thise time.

Earlyer this week (Monday) I send an owl for UK the weather was so so bad, raining all day, hope thta it will have a safe jurney.