torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

birdthday pressents from fare fare avay :)

This came to me all the way from Australia. Look at all the lovely handspun yarn that Val have made me, Its so beuatifull! The tiny socks are already together with some other socks in my keychain. she have also made me ang angle to watch over me SWEET. :)
The yellow and Huzzah Hufflepuff Black hat ore scarf is so lovely and worm, Im using it under my helmet when im biking to job.... Ther I go on my yellow bike with that black helmet... It match perfectly.
Thank You Val for making me this lovely pressent.

This is from My dear frind Ann in England. Take a look at that spider on the chocolate is'nt he gorgeus? Thos who knows me wont belive this, I have not eaten it yet... Im gooing to on hallowen i think. The soap is lovely, I have placed it in the tiny moon bag and put it between some of my yarn... Some say it will keep away nasty creepy bugs that one NOT would like to find in the stach. Thank You Ann for beeing so sweet.