mandag den 19. maj 2008

Reducio sock - mini sock swap

I've got my mini sock swap paggede to day, the pour owl have been on the way for days, all the way from Virginia in the US.

There were 3 paggeges and a nice letter from Ophelia, aka Jeffifer Walter, who also is in the Hsks5 swap, she is in the house of Slytherin, how fun is that ;)

This is what she have been spoling me with, a nice Hufflepuff hous sock, the most tightly knitted sock I have ever seen, it is so perfect, then there is a tiny sheep for a keychain, and a bee tape measure, it is so cool... There were also some Harry Potter sweets, I don't think we have this in Denmark, love to taste it!

then there is the card, the sweetest card made by her just for me, and with love...

This is more than I have ever thougth that I woud get, I got no words, other than it is the most perfect gift.

Thank you for sending me all this nice stuff!

Hsksawp 5 - my spoiler

I do not think that I rembered to mention the person spoling me this semester on Hagwarts, it is
Miranda Moonstone from the Ravenclaw house, I love the look on her blog you should tjeck it out.

Then there is the person whom I get to spoil Emma Wigworthy I have mentiont her, the reson that I am mention her agin is that she is designing the coolest bag, you have to go to her site to tjeck it out.