søndag den 21. september 2008

Hsks6 - Sock duel part 1

So this is who im up against

I dont know what to say other than im terrified, Eugene is such a talented knitter. But im not gowing down with out a figth! I found some lovely Hundertwassers yarn in my stash, truley love this one (Werk 897), hope that it will get me trough the duel fast and with out to mutch trouble.

Eugene is a size 41 in shoes im a 37 im not sure if that's fair, so I told Eugene that if he agree he could make my Dear Boyfrind Michael a nice size 41 socks too ;)

homework at hogwarts

Heidi, Lone and I went to Helsinge to visit Gitte at Uldgalleriet this is the nice viewe she have. It is realy nice to go visit her i the shop, and knit all saturday.

At tuesday the 3 of us were at Heidis place knitting and watching Harry Potter, a good frind of mine (Carina) was there too.

For dinner Carsten (Heidis boyfrind) made us rice porridgewith butter and cinnamon on top, he had also bougth us some butter beers :)