mandag den 2. juni 2008

Hsks5 - bag is done, socks are send

My socks for my duel swap partner DanZarella from the slytherin house, is shiped of by owl towards Canada. He has newer been on such a long fligth before, and he has to flye faster than ever. The winder of the duel is the one who gets her socks out to her dueler before getteing a pair herself.
The socks ar knitted in a nice blue/green opal sockyarn the pattern you can get here
To block out the socks I have made some blockers in black carbon, with some silver on top of it.... Slytherinish... I think :)

The Bag is done, pattern is not :(

There are two bags in the bag, one for your workingprogres knitting ex socks.
The other could be used for pattern and knitting gadges...

A look inside...