torsdag den 27. november 2008

Lucky me

Kim send me this for my birdthday, This is the firs knit picks yarn that I have got, and I tell you its so soft... cant wait to get some knitting done it that yarn.

The card had this lovely flower on it, im trying to convert it in to a knitting pattern...

Thankyou KIM Im so so happy with all the yarns, The glovey yarn is going to be great fun too... :)

mandag den 17. november 2008

the gryffindor bag

This is the bag that I'd made for Lizzie. The bag is knitted in doubleknitting, and I used kauni for it, about 400 grams. There is a pattern for the bag here, there is also charts for the 3 othere houses.

fredag den 14. november 2008

A knitting life of luxury

I have some alternations to this blogpost. Just to show my love for some of the handmade items Ann has made me.

First the scarf, ITS BRILIANT, a true masterpice, and not a beginers first chioce to knit. No matter if I have the black ore the yellow side turned out, It says KAAE not EAAK at one side, as i would have been if it was me who has knitted it.


This is what a mess my needles were before I got the magic wand holder.

This is how it is now, look at that lovely linning - I love chinese fabrics, and this is simply gorgeus. People at my knitting group are now a big fan of the spinningmaid produkts and patterns.

Look at all the nice stuff Iv'e got from Ann
Aka Emma

The Owl did not only bring 1 but 2 lovely parcles for me... :)

All of these were for me.

I've got some lovely laceweight lambswool, dyed by Ann just for me. It's so lovely. Together with it came a nice pattern for the Swallowtail shawl Nice!

I've also got this funny gadget, It's a pirn nostepinne, and some instructions to go with it... Its for making yarn ball's , can't wait to give it a try.

This knitting book is great for all the nots iv'e got for patterns that im going to do. The golden snitch tape measure, is hand made by Ann, I love it. The 3 labels "handknitted with love" are so great, im going to sew them on the items ive got from Ann. As I know they are knitted with at lot of love :)

First LOVE item The scarf, ohh my God I love it, Im going to sleep with it tonigth! (more pictures to come, love that double knitting Ann has done.

look at that magic wand holder, love it.
The Scarf yellow side up.
A lavender badgar bag, to put under my pillow when Im having trouble sleeping.
And some of Ann's handspun yarn... Its so soft and exquisite.
Flower buttons in Hufflepuff colours. Cute :)

A book on my passion, knitted socks, Knit picks needle Jummy, and some lovely sock yarn.

Muggle sweet...

A pompom maker.

A ram pin (my patronus is a ram)

And a sheepy coaster, the dog is all wraped up in yarns... So cute.

fredag den 7. november 2008

Monthly sockyarn club 1'st sock is done

This is how the sock is going to be... Im quit happie with it.

I've made the toe as a 4 pointed starshaped toe, Inspired by Nancy Buch.

The hele has a realy good and firm fit due to the purled part on the heelflap.

A closeup on the pattern. Its realy simple.

mandag den 3. november 2008

monthly sockyarn club

So this is the first yarn ive got. now on to the design of the sock

Im doing some Holyhead worldteam quidditch socks.

this is how I first thougt I would make the pattern. I turned out awfull.

This is mutch bether...

Im trying out something new for me on the heel flap... Im usaly just doing a plain turn heel... This is a german heel.