mandag den 14. juli 2008

Hsks5 - Dream Swatch

Im making a headband for the next Quidditch match, It were an idea one of the Puff's came up with. I'll poste a picture later on, my camera just need to get some food first ;) back to the knitting.

The picture is here, Look at the little badger paw on my new needles from Miranda Moonstone of Ravenclaw... They are so cute...

The yarn is Opal Hundertwasseres werk 956, I think it got kinde of a Hufflepuff immage.

The Headband is done, love the way this Hundertwassers yarn stripes and makes tiny spots of black.

Its hard to take pictures of one self ;) Ok I know the headband did not match the close I was wering that day...