torsdag den 22. maj 2008

Hsks5 - Dueling club + bag design

Im prepering for the sock duel next weeak, this is what I kno from the daily prophet: Im fild up with nerves, there are some serius knitters among us... I hope to last more than one round.

Dueling Club
The yarn type and needle size will be released on Thursday, May 22nd.
These are the people that I have in the club.
Sock Bracket:

Madam Ferula FinniganElanor Cadogan

Enna KirtsLily FlitwickCliodna AcromantulaLucretia PlunkettDanZaraella DaemonovaKaaelana Lassanda AllinadaCallipe CandleworthMinerva KwikspellWisteria LovegoodJalanna KedavraMiranda MoonstoneOphelia BallycastleLaeita Khandylle Haxloeffen-BharnoellAbigail Zinerva

My good friends!I worked the graveyard job Tuesday night (switched with someone), went to the day job yesterday, walked into my house after coming home last night and promptly fell asleep for the next 11 hours!!! Of course, I woke up twice to go to the restroom, but can you believe it??? And in the middle of the week too! So, as I prepare to go back to work I figured that I must get the specifications out to the Dueling Club if nothing else this morning. Don't forget! The pattern will not be released until next week. Today is only for the tools.

Sock Bracket Tools
100 gm sock yarn. Fleece Artist's Merino Sock yarn suggested, but not mandatory. Any sock yarn with 28-30 stitch gauge is fine.
1 set of 2.5 mm double-pointed needles.
Stitch holderColor variations on both patterns do no really matter. The hat pattern has cables, so I would suggest a solid color yarn or else it's hard to see the cable pattern. Don't worry if you haven't done cables before. It's not too hard and they are always a good technique to master :)

Note: I am adding to more names to the sock bracket. Sign ups for the Dueling Club are closed.

Laeita Khandylle Haxloeffen-Bharnoell and Abigail Zinerva

Just a picture of my Hufflepuff bag, hope that I can get it done by the 30. of may
its duble knitting