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Free pattern only for private use. 

I Love all the Harry Potter books, this is one of my free patterns inspired from the Hogwarts houses.

“We Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

All commercial use involving reproduction of this pattern or duplication of this garment are prohibited unless specifically licensed i writing by copyright owner Charlotte Kaae.

This is not an easy pattern!

Feel free to use the Slytherin Emblem on a plain sock using duplicate stitches.

One size to fit a foot (about size 7 to 8 shoe).

Finished Measurements:
Approx 7" around and 9" long from back heel to tip of toe, 12" high from top of led to bottom of heel.

Sockyarn 50 g 230 yards

Colour way:
Black, Gray and Green.

Dpn's 1,5  us

20 sts and 20 rounds in stockinette = 2.7 and 1.7 inch

The sock is worked in the round, except for the intarsia part, that is knit back and forth. 

Beg – begin (ning) 
Bor – Beginning of round Co – cast on  
CTC- change the colour Dec - decrease 
Dpn - double pointed needles
K - knit 
k2tog – see special terms LH – left hand  
LH – left hand  
meas – measures 
O – outside the intarsia patt
patt - pattern 
pm – place marker rem – remain (ing) patt – pattern rep - repeat 
RH – right hand 
rnd(s) – Round (s)
RS – Right side
ST – stitch (es) 
St st – stockinette 
X – inside the intarsia patt


Leg part 1
CO 78 st with black yarn knit 1 round. Then start the leg rib, k 3 in in black, purl 3 ing gray for 16 rounds. Then k k 1 round with the black yarn only.
10 rounds gray
1 round black

NOW Knit in intarsia and follow chart 
Begin from the bottom right.

Leg part 2
When you have finished the intarsia part, you go on knitting in rounds again, kit 12 more in the Green colour, now, black knit 12 rounds, then gray knit 4 rounds, while decrease 8 stitch (70 stc), the green knit 10 rounds. 

Pointed heel: 
Follow chart on 4th and 1st needle
Read from right to left and from the top (I think that makes it easy to understand).

Heel flap:
Knit all stiches from needle 4 and 1 on 1 needle.
over one dpn only. worked back and forth in pattern. Knit until you have a perfect square.

Heel turn: 
Work in short-rows to shape the heel as follows:  
(Remember to knit in the black and gray rib pattern if you want a ribbon heel turn, if not, knit in black only), 
(RS) slip 1 st knitwise wyib, k 15 ssk, k1, turn. 
P 5, p2tog, p1, turn *next row, slip 1 st purlwise wyib, knit to 1 st before gap formed on prewious row, ssk (1 st from each side of the gap), k 1 turn. Next row Slip 1 st purlwise Wyif, p to 1 st before gap formed on previous row. P2tog ( 1st from each side of gap), p 1, Turn. Rep from *  to all st are knitted.  

Pick up sts along selvedge edge of heel flap and rejoin for working in rnds as follows. (RS) with needle 1 knit the half of the heel sts, then with the same needle pick up 15 sts along selvedge edge of heel flap knit dpn 2 and 3, pick up 15 sts along selvedge edge of heel flap and knit the  remaining heel st with the same needle. K one rnd. 

Shape Gusset: 
(remember to knit the ribbon, while dec it on every 2. rnd) 
Dec 2 sts for 12 times as follows: on dpn 1 knit to last 2 sts, k2tog; knit dpn 2 and 3, on dpn 4 ssk, k remaining. – 60 sts rem. 

(knit in random strips until your pinky toe)  

Knit in leg ribbon pattern, while dec 4 sts every 2. row for 10 times, then every row 3 times as follows: on needle oneknit to last 3 sts k2tog, k 1 on needle 2 k1 ssk, knit, needle 3 knit to last 3 sts k2tog, k 1, on needle 4 k1 ssk, knit. Close of by taking the yarn in every st (loop) and sew it up. 

Knit 1 more remember to put the Slytherin Emblem on the other side of the sock.

Weaving in lose ends. Block lightly. 

I hope you enjoy my free pattern. Sorry about my English I'm Danish.

Use #Bykaae ore @bykaae on Instagram for me to see your socks

Happy Knitting

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  1. Fed sok men linket virker ikke her hos mig :o(



  2. Heller ikke det over i siden? må lige se på det.

  3. Gorgeous socks!!!! I love them!

  4. Hello Kaae!
    I am e-mailing to you because I'm a crafty witch for The Leaky Cauldron, working in the Harry Potter Crafts section, which you can see here: http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/features/crafts.

    As you can see, we are posting tutorials and pictures for all sorts of Harry Potter Crafts there, and I was wondering if you would allow me to use tutorials and pictures of the Slytherin Intarsia
    Socks pattern. I would identify the pictures and tutorials as having been created by you. There are also 2 long paragraphs on the front page of the crafts section explaining visitors that they should use the patterns they see on the website for their personal use and not to sell them, as the designers are the only ones who own the copyrights to those items. There is also a copyright sign right by your name on the page of a particular item. Last but not least, you will notice that the credits at the bottom of each crafts mentions a source, so in your case, it would say that your tutorial was taken with permission from "http://knittingbykaae.blogspot.com/2008/03/stytherin-intarsia-socks-are-done.html" and we would include a link to your website there.

    The Leaky Cauldron easily gets between 70,000 and 1,000,000 hits per month. I believe letting us add your patterns and pictures there would increase your visibility too. And of course, it would enable thousands of crafters all around the world to make wonderful crafts like yours!

    Hoping to post your creations soon!

    Rosemary Waits / Quietish
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