mandag den 16. juni 2008

HSKS5 - picture of blancet

Some of us were talking about quilt's in the commonrome the other day, this is a "quilt" I have made, click on the picture to see the details, It took almost forever, It have seving, enbrodery, needlefelting, Chrochet, making cloth (the trees, are made from paper on cloth, and beats sewen on) This is 1 out of 6 pictures. Im going to use it im my teatching in school. But it is a project that is going to take years , so for now it is going to hang in our libery on my school.

All the pictures is going to have a Witch/wizzard world look.

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  1. It's fabulous! I dabbled in patchwork, and still yearn to have to time to do some more, but it takes so long! Knittng is satisfyingly quick.

  2. AGREEEEEEEEE thats why nr 2 is not even started yet ;)


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