tirsdag den 15. juli 2008

Hsks5 - from Eleanor

I've got these lovely stitchmarkers from Val (Eleanor Wigworthy) the day before we went for the Roskilde festival... I almost forgot to post the picture... Sorry Val.

The markers was not all tha Owlbert brougth, I also got some lovely candy (no pictures) It tastet good... You can be my swap frin the next time, and the all I wish for is that candy ;)

I hope tha Owlbert has returned safely, I tryed to feed him, but danish food was a bit to strange for him I think.

Thank you for it all Val.

3 kommentarer:

  1. glad you like the chocolate frogs and the caramello bears :) if the little rings are too small on the end of the stitchmarkers I made you can add bigger rings to them ok.

  2. Those are really pretty! Eleanor made them?? Well done :)

  3. yes she did, they are lovely... now I use them for my frog socks...


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